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[My] *Curriculum Vitae*

Posted on: 03/02/22 11:44:41
Last edited: 10/04/22 10:14:37

Here it is:

short version

long version

--- Soft Skills: ---

    -   Full honesty.
    -   Perseverance.
    -   Team Work.
    -   Good communication.
    -   Courtesy.

--- Hard Skills: ---

    -   Java Object Oriented Programming
    -   Algo

--- Experience: ---

2022 - 2022: 2.5 months. Remote. Paid internship. Junior developer.
    @ wiringbits [9]. 
    Learned the Scala programming language (OOP + functional), 
    miscellaneous bug fixes,
    submitted PRs
    collaborated remotely with coworkers.

2019 - present: Learned Linux ! 
    sysadmin stuff.
    Set up a lighttpd web server.
    My website is hosted on my own computer.
        with a dynamic dns service (
    arch linux install among others (popOS, Ubuntu)

2022: CRUD web app students for Advanced Programming High school class.
    CRUD web app. 
    Done in pairs
    Using XAMPP without perl. PHP + Apache + javascript + html
    Data checks performed through javascript
    Submits to a PHP form, registers to a MySQL database.
    source code: [2]

2021: (2 weeks) Cyber Security Externship at WorkED. 
    Learned about cybersec frameworks to make reports and main
    strategies to combat bad actors in cybersecurity.
    Worked with real pen-testing tools, Linux, learned about SQL injections.
    Talked to several cybersecurity experts in several fields 
    (private, public).
    Worked with rangeforce platform [10].
    Made professional reports about previous 
    vulnerabilities, worked in teams, made new relationships. [11]

2018 August - [present]: Member of TECBOT Robotics Team. 
    Competes against other 
    highschools, national and international in FRC. 
    I am a member of the software 
    team and have led the teaching of new students who learn 
    Java Programming for FRC. 
    Our code is on github: [0].
    See also: Our Code for the 2022 FRC Season: [8]
    Tecbot website: [1].

2019: Workshop: •The Science Behind Technological Design: A 
    Human-Centered Approach. 
    With Monica Perusquia as instructor.
    1 week. Undergrad and high school (me) students. 
    First time I installed Linux (Ubuntu) ! Got me very interested.
    Learned Linux, teamwork, reading software documentation, 
    tried out python with some ML. 
    We made a prototype to measure a person's posture + stress 
    + haptic feedback.

2019: Hackathon Fintech Workshop. In collaboration
    with Banca Mifel. Mostly undergraduate students from
    business, engineering, and tech careers. Learned about
    Unity3D, played around with NodeJS and some database engines.
    72 hours.
    In Teams.

--- Education: ---

2022 (August) - 2026 ?: Undergraduate Computer Science Engineering Degree.
    @ Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. Campus Toluca

2019 - 2022: PrepaTec Multicultural (PTM) (3 years) (Classes in English 
    and learned French)
    16 weeks per semester.  Had some classes in 5th and 6th semester
    to get a feeling of my undergrad degree.


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