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A new beginning

Posted on: 01/01/23 13:54:09
Last edited: 01/01/23 13:54:09

I dropped out of university. I was majoring for CS Engineering (Ingeniería en Tecnologías Computacionales) at Tec de Monterrey Campus Toluca.

I didn’t like it there. I mean, I did but I felt like I wasn’t learning. Plus, I was there for three years during high school. Not exactly the same building, but the same place. This might sound kind of dumb, but I wasn’t learning much from my programming classes. And my engineering classes could have been better. I felt like I wasn’t grasping the concepts necessary to understand physics, I felt like I was rushing.

I felt like I needed a change.

So I dropped out of there and I’ve decided I’m going to Puebla. It’s a three and a half hour drive from where I currently live. I will be studying at UDLAP. that’s short for Universidad de las Américas Puebla. I will be studying the same thing. Here it is called Ingeniería en Sistemas Computacionales. Or Computer Science Engineering, I think.

Anyways, I will be starting classes on January 9th, 2023. I’ll be staying at the university’s dorms.

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