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Posted on: 08/23/23 10:17:55
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operating systems


arch linux packages



philosophy reading


DNS lookup

social media front-ends

unofficial front-ends

a list of unofficial frontends that let you access platform-gated content without having an account. source: pluja/awesome-privacy





teaching programming


this section and subsections show tools that I may use or have found useful at some point. Includes links to proprietary software, etc.

screen mirroring

file transfer

one could use the usual google drive, dropbox, etc. No thanks, well, definitely useful when sharing between peers.

instead I use snapdrop to transfer files over a LAN. although I must say last time I tried it on the school network it didn’t work. I use it at my house to transfer scanned files from my phone to my computer without having to send emails.

Although not very privacy-respecting, I have used WhatsApp and its webapp. Their servers are extremely responsive for pdfs, unlike emails that may take minutes to arrive. I think files cap at 100 MB of file size.

speed tests


not that they suck, but do they actually serve any purpose ? But hey, remember that one man’s trash can be another man’s glory (treasure).

minimalist software

static website generators (SSGs aka Static Site Generators)

Developer resources

for now in Spanish, most likely copied off a Facebook group. But yes, I’ve added attribution.

Hola Les comparto algunos recursos para sus próximos desarrollos o si apenas inician, seguro también les sirven.

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Publica gratis tus páginas:

Páginas para practicar código en todos los lenguajes:

Páginas para aprender a programar:

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