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The feeling of Uselessness

Posted on: 04/29/22 12:43:13
Last edited: 04/29/22 12:43:13

i feel useless

yes, indeed I do. Even though I can provide ideas, experiencie and opinions within my area of expertise, I do not fill fulfilled.

I feel not useful. I am trying to teach someone something but they really don’t get it! They barely get it at all! You are a good person, kinda trying to understand but you’re not at all putting in the effort. I explain, you look at me in deception and I try to explain but you barely make any questions.

I had already teached you some of this which means that you are either a) very distracted and not interested in learning about this topic; b) you don’t like me, you’re thinking of something bad or arrogant I made; or c) your incentives to learn are non-existant.

That is bad. Any of these problems is bad. Some worse than others. Communication is key. Yet you don’t say shit.

You don’t seem to want to learn. I think I’m trying my best in order to teach but neither am I inspired at all. I don’t like working for tyrants.

And you know, after being absent on a team and being occupied at other things - for several hours - I can tell you that my opinions are not valuable to the team. I try to give ideas, let others be yet the design we were working on went to fucking trash and we started doing everything from the start.

And I truly try to help but none of the actions I critique are valuated. I can say good job or whateved but at this point I’m practically nonexistent.

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